Henok in the library Dr. Vadim Ponomarenko writes, “the William Lowell Putnam exam is the premiere mathematics competition for undergraduates in the United States and Canada.  The seventy-third competition was held on December 1, 2012.  A total of 4277 students from 578 colleges and universities took part; the top three teams this year were from Harvard, MIT, and UCLA, respectively.

“SDSU was well-represented in this competition; we had four students successfully complete a difficult exam in which typically half of all participants score 0 points.  Congratulations to Henok Tadesse, Ismael Perez, Amadeo Candido, and Angel Prado.  Henok’s performance is particularly noteworthy — he scored 30 points, which tied him for 319.5th place (top 8%) of all participants, who themselves are the best undergraduate mathematics majors in the US and Canada.  Congratulations to these fine students on their accomplishments.”

Dr. Imre Tuba, IVC Campus adds, “With full recognition of the four San Diego campus students’ effort and Vadim’s work on the Putnam, and duly impressed with Henok Tadesse’s 30 points, I should add that SDSU was represented by another two students on the Putnam exam. Congrats are due to Horacio Lopez and Eddie Palomares of the SDSU Imperial Valley campus for competing. Their scores didn’t match Henok’s, but participation counts for something.”